Company background

Enabling Opportunity for 21 Years

Established in 2002, Pan Asian Mortgage Co. Ltd. (“Pan Asian”) is a Hong Kong based innovative financial services company specializing in mortgage origination; mortgage-backed asset securitization and capital markets financing.

Our team comprises highly skilled banking and finance professionals. We specialize in conforming mortgage origination with a first ranking legal charge, underwriting these high-quality assets and re-engineering our mortgage portfolio for securitization in the capital markets. Our meticulous approach ensures that our mortgage offerings remain reliable and attractive to investors seeking stable returns in the financial market.

Delivering Innovative and Responsible Mortgage Solutions

Pan Asian specializes in originating residential mortgage loans with a particular focus on the Higher Loan-to-Value (HLTV) mortgage market segment. Through our SuperFirst Mortgage Financing Programs, we provide our clients with access to normally-priced mortgage products that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


This innovative product business model has revolutionized the mortgage financing landscape in Hong Kong, providing homeowners with “one-stop shopping” options at an affordable rate.

The Pioneering 140% LTV Refinancing Program

This innovative program, launched in 2002 had offered a maximum of 140% LTV mortgage loan at bank interest rates to Hong Kong homeowners who suffered from Negative Equity and helped homeowners reduce their monthly debt burden.

The program not only enabled homeowners to regain financial stability but also contributed to maintaining social stability in the region. We are proud to have played a role in supporting homeowners who faced financial hardship and are committed to continuing to provide innovative and responsible financial solutions that make a positive impact on our community.

SuperFirst Mortgage Program

Since its launch in 2004, the SuperFirst Mortgage Program has been the only residential co-financing program for first mortgage with established Licensed Banks in Hong Kong

SuperFirst is co-lended and dual underwritten by Pan Asian and its partner banks, offering  a faster and affordable path to homeownership for Hong Kong residents.

We are proud to have partnered with high-caliber institutions who share our commitment to delivering first-class mortgage solutions to homeowners in the region.

The mortgage portfolio that we originate and underwrite is re-engineered into fully collateralized, secured instruments, which are ideal for investors seeking low credit risk and prime mortgage assets as collateral.