Product Lineup

Asset Backed Loans

As a premier mortgage solution provider with superior credit underwriting standards and conformity with prudential mortgage lending requirements mandated by the HK Government banking regulator, Pan Asian has been able to secure steady sources of warehouse financing to fund a portion of our various SuperFirst Mortgage Programs.

Since its inception in 2002, Pan Asian has put in place systems and processes to support the business model and the company has also established several departmental functions with over hundreds of defined processes and involving more than thousands of tasks and activities in running the daily operations for the mortgage assets in the trust servicing.

The SuperFirst Mortgage Trust is a straight-forward asset holding vehicle utilizing professional corporate trustees in the set up and is bankruptcy remote without liquidation risk. The Trustee is an independent third party with no pecuniary interest in the trust or on the underlying mortgage asset. The Trust ring-fences mortgage receivables with monthly cash flows passed through the Trustee’s bank accounts and all payment orders are stipulated through a Trust Deed. The assets under the trust are segregated and protected with a clear delineation of a participant’s interest and ownership in the trust.

With over 15 years of error free operations, the trust continues to be professionally managed with defined processes by trustee, trust servicer and mortgage administrator. Our asset backed loans follows the templates recommended by The Asia Pacific Loan Market Association.

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