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Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited is a Hong Kong based innovative financial services company, specializing in mortgage origination and capital market financing.


樓價進入調整期,已是無容爭辯的事實,如果貿易戰持續,港樓弱勢的環境將維持一段時間,甚至有評論估樓價可大跌七、八成。但此類預言其實充滿盲點──樓價跌多跌少是一回事,而只提樓價跌,不談信貸場景,根本無助於我們了解大局。 確認人的歷史意義 討論之前,先說一個故事。故事發生於1997年,當時筆者在銀行工作,同事報告一名投資者來申請按揭,事主購買一個位處旺角波鞋街的舖位,面積只有100方呎,作價超貴。按程序需評估「磚頭」,結果是估價不足。估價不足其實非常合理,此舖位一個月收租大約3.5萬元,呎租350元,以成交價計,回報率只有1.5厘。20年後的2018年,那區租值只不過同樣是300多元一呎,對比之下,大家可知道當時造價的不合理。 當年筆者看到舖位的租金資料,第一個感覺就是──此舖位的租客,除非是賣白粉才有足夠利潤去交租!同事如實回覆客人估價時,這位所謂「資深投資者」大表不滿,認為銀行在阻他發達!

Mr. Leland Sun attended “Dialogue with Asia Pacific Leaders of Fortune Global 500 Companies in Hong Kong”

Mr. Leland Sun, Managing Director and Founder of Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited, Vice Chairman of the General Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) has attended the meeting of Dialogue with Asia Pacific Leaders of Fortune Global 500 Companies in Hong Kong on 8th November. The meeting was hosted by Sichuan’s Party Secretary Mr. Pang Qinghua(彭清華).  Mr. Tung Chee-Hwa(董建華), former Chief Executive of HKSAR, vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); and Ms. Qiu Hong(仇鴻) , Deputy Director of the Liaison Office also attended the meeting. Mr. Sun suggested to strengthen cooperation between Sichuan and Hong Kong, in addition to large enterprises, we must also encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

16th Anniversary Congratulatory Special Supplement

To celebrate 16th Anniversary of Pan Asian Mortgage Company Ltd, a congratulatory supplement has been published on “HK Economic Times” and “HK Economic Journal” on September 17, 2018.
We greatly cherish the continuous support from our partners, adhering to the spirit of professionalism and innovation, Pan Asian will carry on and continue to serve the society.

Caring Company Scheme 2017/2018

We are delighted to announce that Pan Asian Mortgage Company Ltd. has been awarded the Caring Company Logo 2017/2018 by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in realizing the corporate social responsibility.

Company Statement

Our Company, Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited, would like to alert the public that an entity named “Grand Asia Mortgage Services Limited” with Chinese name“宏亞按揭服務有限公司” is using the same Chinese short name as our Company “宏亞” on its website ( to  promote its money lending business. Our Company is totally unrelated to Grand Asia Mortgage Services Limited宏亞按揭服務有限公司.