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Together, We Fight the Virus!

疫情之下,市面口罩供不應求。宏亞按揭早前成功於海外購入一批口罩並陸續捐贈給不同慈善團體。當中1,500個口罩已透過社企「惜食堂」派發予深水埗有需要的家庭,特別是基層長者,希望讓他們獲得最基本的防疫裝備。   Given the impact of COVID-19, it has been quite challenging and cost prohibitive for the most needy in Hong Kong to purchase masks to protect themselves. Working with our social enterprise partner “Food Angel”, Pan Asian Mortgage distributed 1,500 surgical masks for the elderly and low-income families recently. Together, the firm is doing its part to help protect the community in fighting the Virus.