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Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited is a Hong Kong based innovative financial services company, specializing in mortgage origination and capital market financing.

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Company Statement

Our Company, Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited, would like to alert the public that an entity named “Grand Asia Mortgage Services Limited” with Chinese name“宏亞按揭服務有限公司” is using the same Chinese short name as our Company “宏亞” on its website ( to  promote its money lending business.

Our Company is totally unrelated to Grand Asia Mortgage Services Limited宏亞按揭服務有限公司.

We have reported the case to regulatory authorities.

Our Company has been in partnership with local banks to provide mortgage loans to customers as first ranking conforming mortgages since 2002.

Our Company is operating under the names of “Pan Asian Mortgage Company Ltd.” And “Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory Company Ltd.” and has no other affiliates or associated companies.

Our official websites are and and email address of our staff contains our domain name of “

Customers should exercise caution in choosing mortgage services to guard against any loss.

In case of any question, please contact our Company for clarification.